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Fatih CARPAN is a Speed Reading Coach, Happiness Coach, Conscious Mind Coach, Subconscious Mind Coach, Infinite Intelligence Coach, Health Coach, and Fear Coach.

As a Speed Reading Coach, I can read 1500 words per minute, and I have studied every Speed Reading Techniques in the world. Over the years, I have developed, and created these techniques for my reading life, and I teach these techniques to my clients as well. With the Techniques that within the course, you will directly change your reading life permanently. I believe this course, I believe these techniques, and I believe that you are going to re-create your reading life after this course.

You can also check our blog posts on www.fatihbestlife.com about Speed Reading.

As the creator of the course, and as your Speed Reading Coach, I wish best for your speed reading journey, and I believe that you are going to be a speed reader, and speed learner after this course.

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